kijun | of drama, shades and edifices
..into a grey sky morning.
20080530 - 16:12

Day 2 of the escapade. Wasn't any sunnier. boo.

While 7 amphibians departed to the deep ocean for another round of snorkeling, the remaining 5 resided on dry land. I was recuperating from the vicious waves and storm that mysteriously began their assault during the snorkeling activity on day 1. Apparently, only the 5 of us felt it. In other words, we were pussified, haha.

So 5 pussys took a long stroll by the beach, with the rain creating a rather sombre tone to the mood, rather than a romantic one.

How else would 5guys amuse themselves on the beach with the absence of maturity and wisdom, one might ask..

Obscene would be a clear understatement to what 5 did. One simply cannot justify the meticulously carved structures erected by aspiring archeeteks. Further depictions of the artwork can be viewed in Jason's. I will not be held responsible for any after effects, haha.

As the ensemble was reunited, sandcastle-building came a calling.
A fleet of perfect 'cubes' was initally the plan in mind, but the lack of sandcastle-building skills along with the limited tools brought about the birth of well, poo, instigated by Doug.

A variant on the sandcastle is the drip castle, made by mixing the sand with
water and dripping it from a fist held above. Some refer to the technique as
"dribbling." When the slurry of sand and water lands on existing sand
structures, the effect is Gaudi-esque.

as elucidated by thesadking himself.

The effect created was truly marvelous. Who knew that 'milking' sand could create such a random effect, driven by deliberate intuition.

The heaps of bodies. hoho..

As for the forgotten cube, it was altered to imperfection. The cracks and natural flaws created along our construction of the structure was taken into account as we literally worked around the errors, hence the flight of stairs.

Shibidibidoo clawed her way step by step, with the clumsy grip of ai-the-man by her side. hoho..

Voila, job well done.

The believers responsible.

Work it, megan. haha.

Of course, we got sidetrack abit along the way..

Stilettos, by jaelicious.

Mysterious sea creature approaches from the sea..

Mysterious sea creature spotted by retards..

Mysterious sea creature caught.!

Apparently, you can get hitched here.

Oh gosh, so HSM. Haha, this is actually taken on day 1. Photo credits to Jason.

When will these two ever stop..

Swing, swing from the tangles of my heart..

So we left the sandcastle, with the optimism to see it again when we returned at night..

wtf.?! bloody pussys.. culprit still unknown.
Soon after, karaoke was the call for the night. The ever-popular high skool pastime, speed was brought to the table as well. The game crosses borders, school's at least.

..and i still own. hoho. rematch, anyone.?

No comment will be made about karaoke. Nuff said.

And so, we departed the next day. A thrilling getaway to say the least, the first of many with these retards, I suspect.

The end is the beginning is the end.

so you sailed away..
20080528 - 23:58
An excursion. Oh, how i needed one. Away from all that requires a monitor to operate. Pack up archeeteks, redang it is.

Our 7am flight awaited us. Which meant that we had to be dere by 6. Which that meant we had to leave by 5. Which that meant we had to rise by 4..

..only to have our flight delayed for an hour. Oh joy..

hello sunshine..

..come into my life.

Due to supplementary arrangements and financial constraints, the remaining 3 stooges to our 12 met us at k.t. airport. They arrived a little earlier. Say..3 hours.?

Nice to see you, too.

We employed practically every transportation available in M'sia for this trip. Airplane, check. Bus ride, check. Slow boat ride, check. Fast boat ride, check.

The girls were most thrilled on the bus ride, though. Had a pleasant visual to accompany them on the ride. Stacie could help ellaborate. hoho..

boat ride.

With slow boat rides, you tend to get emo shots..

..and rather disturbing ones.

Welcome to Redang Island.

I don't remember there being so many people when we arrived.

The accommodation was mediocre but adequate. Nonetheless, one will not complain as the beach was the main reason we came in the first place, and it delivered duly.

White, sandy beach stretching towards opposite ends. How can one ask for more..

..except maybe for some sun. Heck, we were at the beach. A little tan wouldn't hurt, no.?


now this, is drama. haha.

retards trying to spell.

buzz off, puss. know there's more.