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20080630 - 16:42
The defending champions were outclassed.

The World champions were shot down.


Even Villa's premature exit to the tournament was a blessing in disguise, prompting a 5 man midfield formation that dominated in every sense of the word.

At least he did secure the golden boot award, with a measly total of 4 goals I should add.

The vertically challenged Spaniards indeed defeated the history against them to prevail, peaking at the precise moment. Giant killer's Russia were humbled, and the Germans simply had no answer. The 1-0 margin could've been so easily widen.

Nonetheless, the best teams of the tournament were in the final.

Well deserved I should say, with their Arsenal-like style of play. Fancy football at it's best.

La Furia Roja. Euro victors '08. Rejoice.!

you wanna make her, suicide blonde.
20080628 - 17:27
Been hopping around rather archeetek-ish sites + blogs recently, among them (studio 7's populace, destined for greatness.)

And I cannot agree more, hoho..

Indeed, what Mies said does make some sense,

"Less is more"

Archeeteks, bringing sexy back. haha.

what we do is what you wish to do.
20080624 - 00:11
The cartoon superhero comic franchise has been a given well deserved boost from Hollywood in recent years, with the majority of them featuring characters from the Marvel and DC comics universe.

Probably the most publicly received amongst contemporary viewers.

Part 3 so did not justify the trilogy.

One word. Classic. The ultimate superhero fantasy: super-strength, flight, in tights.

Never a fan. Worse among em all, if you ask me. Even the sheer awesomeness of the Silver Surfer couldn't save this bunch.

"You won't like me when I'm hungry". The sequel instantly revived the franchise.

Prolly the fav amongst geeks. Robert Downey Jr. at his best.

Oh yeah, i know you're anticipating for this one as well..

But when i stumbled upon news that a live movie adaptation of probably the only anime/manga I've watched and glorified was in store..

I laughed my head off. hahaha. Dragon Ball.!!!


Scheduled to be released mid 2009, my first thoughts about the movie was the fact that it was a live film adaptation. I mean seriously, how the hell do you realistically style Goku's cartoonish hair in real life.?

As such, apparently. The amount of gel the production crew must've

Personifying the embodiment of good and justice in Goku is Justin Chatwin. Yes, an ang mo. Probably unknown to a few, some may remember him as the dude from The Invisible.

Would he be wearing that hideous orange outfit, you mite ask..

Based on this pic of his stunt double, apparently he will. rofl.

Goku's long time sidekick in his Dragon Ball adventures, Bulma, is played by Emmy Rossum. Yesh, it's Christine from the most recent remake of The Phantom of the Opera. Bulma is then well equipped with the voice to go with her nagging skills.

I wonder whether dey'll incorporate the Capsule Corp. gadgets into the movie..

That's ChiChi with Bulma, alright. Indeed, romance will be featured in the movie..

Oh, and this is just comical. Casted for the role of Master Roshi, Goku's random and perverted mentor of martial arts is noneother than veteran Hongki star Chow Yun-Fat.

Somehow, you'd feel they got this spot on.

But why does he have hair.?

The villain of the movie is the Namekian character of Picollo. That being said, we can safely assume that the movie is set during Goku's teenage years, when Piccolo was still Goku's foe, that is if they abide by the comics faithfully. So we can expect to see Goku in highschool apparently. Another point worth lol-ing. Filling in the shoes, is Buffy the Vampire Slayer regular, James Masters. Interesting to see how they make him all green and all. Hope it won't be too plastic-ish, akin to the Hulk, minus the veins and all, of course

He already has the set of pointy ears..

Also in the feature is Yamcha/Yamu. Wonder why they didn't include Krillin tho, him being Goku's best friend, one much closer compared to this dude.

Although I expect the movie to be rather campy and fake, no way in hell is any shape of barrier physically or mentally stopping me from watching the movie. One just hopes that the effects would be awesome and realistically special effects-ish, with the plot sticking to the original story as close as possible. Still, you can tell that they're taking the movie seriously with plans for two sequels tabled, should the movie be a hit. Auditions for the role of Super Saiyan Goku, maybe.?

"And I.......



I believe we have a candidate in thee. aiman started it..=D.

that's not my name.
20080619 - 21:59

With regulars for me such as Gossip Girl, Grey's, Heroes, Entourage, and Ugly Betty on the reruns currently till the new season premieres, what is a dramatist such as yours truly, be doing without the shows mentioned on his long break.?

Dramatize on new substance, of course. hoho..

Dirty Sexy Money follows the character of Nick George, a goody-goody lawyer who's father's sudden death entailed him to take over his father's biggest and longest-serving clients, The Darlings. Nick's ulterior motive behind replacing his father as the family's lawyer was to consider the possibility of murder in his father's demise, on top of achieveing charitable deeds with the money he will be receiving from the wealthiest family in New York. Little did he know that he is indeed taking up the unforgiving task of babysitting the family's dubious and notorious acts in their hectic and very 'atas' lifestyle, neglecting his very own.

Nick is played by Peter Krause, best known for his role as Nate in Six Feet Under. Not being a follower of that particular series, my first impression of the actor is how much he resembled a young Mr. Bennett from Heroes. Right down to the way they articulate, minus the horn-rimmed glasses of course.

dontcha think.?

The head of the Darling Family, Patrick "Tripp" Darling III, is portrayed by veteran actor Donald Sutherland, father of Kiefer Sutherland, best-known for playing the lead on 24. The performance delivered was solid, making his presence felt perpetually in the show, much expected from the award-winning actor. One would be perplexed to whether he depicts a protagonist or an antagonist, as his role in Nick's father's death remains a mystery. Nonetheless, such ambiguity crafts decent drama.

The eldest of the Darling brood is Patrick Darling (William Baldwin), a politician running for Governor of New York. Drama oozes to the highest degree when one learns that he has an affair with a transsexual.


The 'mistress' mentioned, Carmelita, is played by Candis Cayne, who 'herself' is a real life transsexual. oh em gee, no.? In fact, Cayne takes pride in being the first transgender actress to have a recurring role on a prime-time series. Another hollow information from E! News. haha..

Next is Karen Darling, professional divorcée. lol. Married 3 times and failed on all occassions, her role in the series is abit annoying and calafare. Nick's old flame and still fancies him. Vaguely, you know how it goes after..


Going down the family tree, is Rev. Brian Darling. A contentious man of God, Brian is amusingly a priest that does not practice what he preaches. I personally enjoy the character bury a hole for himself when we discover he has an illegitimate son. Fairly different from his siblings, one now understands why he is as such after watching all episodes aired, 10 only due to the effect of the writer's strike.

Completing the five offsprings are twins Jeremy and Juliet Darling. Being the youngest, they are as spoiled and catered to as you can foresee. Hard-living and good for nothing, Jeremy represents the young, rich and hopeless, such as Juliet. A typical socialite who aspires to be an actress. Think Paris Hilton.

One should be familiar with the actress portraying Juliet, Samaire Armstrong (pronounced as sah-mee-rah) as Seth's secondary love interest from season 1 of the OC, Anna Stern. Oh, how i miss..

California, here we come..

Letitia, wife to Tripp of nearly 40 years, does offer worthy of note turmoil into the show with a long-time affair revealed, exposing more plots of value.

Does Dirty Sexy Money live up to it's name, then.?

To a certain extent, yes. haha. The storyline is decent enough, with a correct blend of drama and comedy. Essentially a character-driven show, each character is given decent enough screentime. Although some may argue that Juliet did not, there was evidently no substance in her character's outline anyway, so no complaints here. Nonetheless, one cannot judge with season 1 yet to be completed with the main plot yet to be resolved. Still, if one had such the time as I, the show would be something worth killing your time with.

say all i need..
20080616 - 16:16

" the air i breathe, and a place to rest my head"

For those who still remain oblivious, I applied for the ASEAN scholarships sometime ago, immediately after recieving my SPM results actually. Yea, abit da late compared to the conventionals who did so last year, but I was never interested in being educated in S'pore, and my scores weren't exaclty S'pore material. Nonetheless, I am never one to follow the norm. As my actual results prompted me to apply, my dad insisted I be a 'do-er', and not one who waits for things to happen to them. Which is so me. boo.

Applied, consequently recieving the letter from the MoE more than a week ago, requesting my presence for the selection tests in order to scrutinize my god-like dexterity. hoho..

The first thing that caught my eye, Mathematics Test. Feck. Pessimism gloomed all over me. You must be thinking, it's just maths right. I mean, Maths and English were indeed the 2 subjects I always manage to score in high school. Why all the negativity.? Well, that's just it. In high school. Whatever sort of mathematic, arithmetic, multiplyingishtic skill I once had were as good as gone. Vanished. Departed. Still, I made a gallant effort in an attempt to revive it. My sole-surviving kebangsaan oriented maths book. Was not even close to sufficient, as i soon found out..

So I went for the test, sited at Sunway Convention Centre, in other words, the place situated directly above Pyramid's LaLaVille. As i emerged from the escalator, whoa. Crazy amount of people. Seriously, i didnt expect that many people to attend, probably in the hundreds. No pics, couldnt be bothered at that time. They probably recalled practically everyone who applied, inflicting further demoralization, knowing that my results did not really propel my involvement in this.

In the hall, I inspected my competitors. More than half were wearing spex. Not stereotyping, but you get the drift. Whispers of people introducing each other can be heard. I soon figured out that most of them were already doing A-levels locally.

How could a now mediocre artsy fartsy-ish student with a deficiency in mathematics know-hows match against students who are ALREADY in A-levels probably equipped with the expertise of Further Maths or Spec Maths or wtv advance level of numerical calculation in a test solely employed as a mode of selection?!

So much for a maths test, I call it abuse.

Deflated, it was time for English. Yay, English. Split into 2papers, I have little complaints. Tho, we were only given 30mins to do the second paper, which required us to write a 350 word essay. ftw, i wrote like the wind.

The next day, the General Ability Test. Prior judgements, how do you test one's general ability? Can you hold a pen adequately? Can you walk backwards? Can you do a hand stand? Can you freakin count?!(apparently I cant). But yeah, turns out it was just an IQ test. Mensa-ish. Was quite a fun paper, I must admit, though one i do not intend to repeat.

And that was it. Now, i await patiently.

To be frank, i'm not even a 100% certain whether i desire this prospect, even if by some miraculous stroke of luck I am called up for the interview session. I mean, one should be thankful and rejoicing rite, to even be given the oppurtunity to prove myself worth. Right.? Yes, it is a full scholarship, but only for the pre-u studies, which means i'll have to go thru da whole shitty interviewing process for the undergraduate degree scholarship. Is it worth it? To drop half a year's exertion(a year, by the time one would have to leave the country), go thru all that pre-u hassle and subjects, then only resume my archeetekish fetish 2 years later which remains unendorsed?

For now, who knows.

Ugh, and to think I was all sciency mathsy when i first entered architecture. How ironic.

if you love me, won't you let me know.?
20080613 - 22:26

May I pronounce to you, the return of Coldplay.

Violet Hill, from the album Viva La Vida.

When the future's architectured, by a carnival of idiots on show, you'd better lie low..

The video, a second version to the original, well-nigh vindicates the connotation of the song, portraying our political leader's amusing-yet-not-so-surprising antics, while the world continues to sink. About time a band spoke up, I'd say.

On another note, I am so dead tomorrow..

Mathematics. Why, oh why do numericals seem so foreign to me now..