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somebody save me.
20080727 - 22:37
"Let your warm hands break right through.."

Kay, i'm sure most of you are probably perplexed. Like, who still follows Smallville wei.? I'll be surprised if any of you still do, cos sadly, I do. After 7 seasons, it's hard to just stop n let it go. I'm sure all of you have experience this sort of predicament before, following a show that promised so much you simply must finish the entire series, till the very finale. That being said, sometimes, it can get excrutiatingly painful to watch the series go from the 'it' show of it's time to the 'has-been' it is now.



I mean, seriously, 7 seasons is just wayyy too long. Even the cast are getting older by the episode. Just look at Clark. He's supposed to be the young Clark, the one in high school/college, who discovers his abilities and identity of the quintessential superhero of our time. Yet, being a father at 31, he visibly looks older than the current Superman, Brandon Routh.

How can compare..

Indeed, Smallville has come a looong way from the regular 'freak-of-the-week' episodes in high school of season 1, to a deeper and farther venture into the Superman mythology, such as the introduction of various characters from Clark's original planet, Krypton, and the Fortress of Solitude.

those were the days..

For those who remain sesat-ed, Lois Lane, Clark's inevitable love of his life, is introduced into the cast. However, no scenarios or drama of romance ensue between the two, just a little 'hint hint' here n dere that they'll end up together sooner or later. Too bad ppl, Clark and Lana must remain the typical on and off couple in this show.

Even the Lois in Smallville looks older than she's suppose to be.

Clark's best friend in the show, Pete, was written out of the series. His character, being the first person that Clark willingly informs of his secret, left Smallville, claiming too much pressure from knowing Clark's secret. Never a fan of the character/actor, so, no biggy here.

He reminds me of Ninja Turtle, haha.

Jonathan Kent, Clark's adotive father, is killed off. He dies of a heart attack, partly in the hands of Jor-El, Clark's birth father. Martha Kent, Clark's adoptive mother, is also no longer in the series. She's now a US Senator in Washington D.C., hence, no longer in the meteor-infested town of Smallville.

Clark's journalistic sidekick, Chloe is now working at the bottom of the hierarchy of the Daily Planet. She's dating Jimmy Olsen, Clark's future intuitive sidekick when he dons the glasses and hidden tights of course. Oh n guess what, Chloe's a meteor freak as well. She has the ability to heal. How Mr. Linderman.

haha, pun intended.

The series have introduced various superheroes of Justice League along the seasons, building up to a Justice League-a-sode, which was largely disappointing to me. I mean, who'd wanna see the troupe with calafares such as Aquaman, Cyborg, and Green Arrow. At least they had the Flash, but still, cmon, where's Batman? Wonder Woman, maybe?

Smallville's retarded Justice League.

On top of that, Lex and Lana were married. OMFG rite. Lana was 'supposedly' pregnant as well, but it was revealed that Lex faked the pregnancy. Long story cut short, Lex is now evil n villainous as we're familliar with in the Superman mythology n no longer buddy buddy with Clark.

drama, drama, drama.

In the latest season, Clark's Kryptonian cousin, Kara a.k.a Supergirl is launched into the series, being a regular for the whole season. An effort to boost the ratings, I'm sure, which failed due to the recurring sub-average plot that has ran the past few seasons. The writer's seem to be succumbing to a writer's block of sorts, uncreatively reinstating villains from the earlier seasons (Brainiac) to provide some sort of spark. Even the long-awaited match up of Clark and Lana in this season failed to save the series, as their intricate relationship plummeted along with my faith to the writer's of the show. That being said, I was fond with the rather surprising 'creation' of Lex's younger brother, Grant Gabriel a.k.a Julian to the story.


Nonetheless, John Glover's (Lionel Luther) exit this season should promptly signal the end of the series sooner if not later. Along with Laura Vandervoort (Kara), Michael Rosenbaum (Lex) and Kristin Kreuk (Lana) will not return as season regulars come season 8. How can, rite. Smallville is just not Smallville without the rivalry between Lex and Clark along with the contested romance of Clark and Lana. So producers, just end the show already lah, do my TV schedule and fading interest in the series a favour.

Having just finished watching season 7, I suppose I couldn't time it any better. College is starting in like, tomorrow. Has three months passed already.? Sigh, insomnia man..

pink, when i turn out the light.
20080723 - 16:49

So hor, so hor, before i watched dark knight that day hor, we went sleepover at shibi's hse oh.
But before that hor, we met up at ou oh. Cos i have to fetch evryone ma. I so good hor. hor hor hor.

Fe, me, dougie, as mannequins.! So yeng hor.

We had dinner at fish n co.!

Then must take pic of our food wan hor.

Fish n chips oh.! New York special sammo. got extra cheese wan kay..

Must arrange the sauce in nice pattern n take pic also hor. Cute ma.?

The fork n tissue paper oso must take pic ma hor.

Then we zoom to shibi's house oh.! Hv to drive SO far..T_T. =(. ='(. ><. +.+. @.@..=[.

First thing must do is camwhore ma hor.! With hand sign pose ma.! See, donald oso pose.. Fuschia is the new pink kay. Pink not chio nemore. Must say fuschia.

Den rite den rite. We play play alot lor. Pillow fight.! Ghost stories.! Board games.! Facial.! Massage.! I dare you, you dare me.! So fun rite.!

"Does he have a mustache.?"

Since i lose hor, i had to drink 1 bottle of water in 2 gulps oh. So bad hor..T_T. =[.='(..><.

Den hor den hor. I get to wear alot of fuschia hairband oh. Cute ma.?

After dat oh, i must fit myself inside dere.! SO soo bad hor. T_T. =(. =[. ><..

Tada.! Magic trick.! I can fit oh.!

Den hor. FeFe's turn oh.! See, he wear his shirt inside out. ha ha ha.!

Somemore hor, he must spin around in the same spot for 10 rounds oh. Spin, fe fe, spin.!

Wat la, fe. No balance wan. Come la i show you.

Ready.. ..GO.!

aiyak. so dizzy.. not easy kay. dun laugh at me. T_T. ='(. ><. =[.

Den rite den rite. We get to do make-up on marie.! yay.! I did the lip stick wan kay. Nice hor nice hor.

Marie la, move so much, make it smudge.. boo..

FeFe got a mole. hahaha.. So PCK hor..

Got sammo dare oh.! Fefe had to kiss dougie oh.! AAAAAHHHHHHHH...!

*blush* fuschia adi, haha.!

Shibi: Let FeFe loose.!

Aiman: It's okay, dun look. It'll be over sooner than you know it. I have experience..

faster than the speed of light oh.!

HAHA, look at dougie's face.!

So after all that daring hor, we went karaoke oh.! So fun eh. We sing so many of my fav songs oh. M2M, Spice Girls, Savage Garden. So nice hor.!

*THIS PIC IS DAMN FUNNY! look at aiman. ROFL*

Den we did our nails.! yay.! so chio hor. black colour kay. not fuschia.

So goth hor.


Then after that we sleep oh.! so tired liao..

Good night.!

*this post is meant to offend the author and only the author himself. mind you, some of the events are fictitious. some.

gracefully fall back to the arms of grace.
20080721 - 23:54
Exactly a week before the college resumes.

No doubt, i will not hide my silent enthusiasm to reoccupy myself with educational schedules and traumas. Datum reignited the fire. The books were the catalysts. Wait, kijun reads.? God bless. That being said, i will indeed miss every minute of the holiday. The late nights, the free time, the late nights, the get-togethers, the late nights, the movie/series marathon, oh n did i mention the late nights.?

Sufferring from major post dark knight syndrome. Emotionally incapable of being satisfied by any other movie, that would've been decent, had i not watch the Dark Knight before. Round two, anyone.?

let me show you a magic trick.
20080718 - 00:39

Declaring this to be the best superhero movie does not do justice to this magnum opus.

This one, goes beyond the genre, beyond the superhuman abilities, beyond the pompous heroics of rescuing a damsel in distress.

This one, is simply absorbing, and has to be taken seriously..

Packing more punch than the Hulk could withstand. Portraying an emotional depth far deeper than that of Superman. Inflictions of callous conflicts that dwarfs any personal dilemmas Spider-man will ever face. Delivering plots of substance in the core of darkness, far deeper than X-men had ever explored.

The Dark Knight is unforgiving.

Heck, screw the superhero, this is the best villain movie ever. Psychotic, hysterical, disturbing, yet so complex. Indeed, the Joker had the last laugh for me.

The role of a lifetime, such a menacing portrayal. I vote a golden statuette.

Awfully tragic that it had to be his last.

"For some reason I can't explain, once you've gone there was never, never an honest word.
But that was when I ruled the world."

i'll eat my candy with the pork and beans.
20080711 - 18:14

Architecture. Breaking into pop culture.

Daymn. How'd you like to design a building and have it as a map to play in Counter-Strike. The Aqua Centre in Odense, Denmark by BIG.

Or even have one in your local monopoly set. Now that's cool shyt. V M Houses, by BIG as well.

Frank Gehry, animated, featured, and parodied. hah. This episode of the Simpsons attributes Gehry's outrageous methods and designs which he has become so critically acclaimed for.

The Walt Disney Concert Hall. Looks familiar.? Yup, it's the concert hall featured during the end of Get Smart. And also the party scene where Stark was flirting with Pepper Potts in Iron Man.

The Chanel contemporary mobile art container, by Zaha Hadid, as requested by Karl Lagerfeld.

Fusing architecture with fashion and art itself, 20 international contemporary artist will exhibit work inspired by elements that give the Chanel bag it's identity. The container will indeed be travelling around the world throughout Europe, Asia, and the States.

UFO-ness. Flying around the world, lol.

Oh, and did you know that Zaha Hadid had a hand in conceptualizing the design of the character of Ursulla, the oversized, melodramatic sea witch from The Little Mermaid.? rofl.!

"You poor unfortunate soul..!"

No surprise as to how she was inspired..

Indeed, their autographs prove more than worthy to get a hold of..

Tadao Ando

Frank Llyod Wright



How Hollywood of them. Being all superstar-ish n wat nots.

Please, please, no pictures.. hoho.