kijun | of drama, shades and edifices
c'mon baby light my fire.
20080930 - 23:47


Couldnt have said it better, blair. So yuck.

she ain't heavy.
20080925 - 21:50

I saw it coming.

And did nothing. Without any effort.
The weight was mine to let go.
But befall the second coming.
My friends shall be the columns.
My faith will be upheld.

I will rise above this.

switzerland very cold.
20080922 - 22:05

It seems as tho i was very sleepy during the S'pore trip.

Indeed, i was.

After the week we had, on top of all that walking, you cant blame us. Not a blonde moment kay. The unscheduled detours were so uncalled for. Excuse me for being a 'guy' who has low stamina. And that's suppose to be disappointing? Perhaps some accurate navigation could've helped.

To be frank, one cannot help but to think the trip was 'cursed'. Missing gadgets, misplaced limbs, substandard scheduling, not to mention the error in room-ing, abit the potong lo at 1st..

But wit the company, comes the retarded joy we would expect from group trips. Comparable to redang, minus the puking. (har har..)

Public transport was as expected. Efficientt. Shud ask our pm(not padan muka, not pasar malam, not perempuan miang..) to take a 'spontaneous' ride on their mrt instead, why bother with the local ones when you noe wat you're gonna get. One can instantly tell that you are across the straits when you hop on the escalator. Wooooshh. Welcome to Sheengapourrr..


The main hilite of the trip were the religious edifices, i shud say. I was holified. Church of St. Mary of The Angels and Masjid Assyafaah. Both unique, in a sense that it is clearly not the conventional church or mosque. One would have never guessed that it is in fact one if not for the cross or the crescent moon and star.

Look fe, no photoshop.

Enter the holy grail..

Jesus Christ deconstructed.

To infinity....

Ze mosque. Avant-garded.

Empty land in s'pore?

I like both, tho the St. Mary absolutely triumphs against the mosque. The almost ludicrous area of the green field should have been developed. No, not in an smkdu manner, where you concretize it, but perhaps a more coherent design, where the space would not have been so 'wasted'. It does not even serve as a lush, cooling mediator, as one was scalded by the heat so much more than when at the church.

Retail therapy proved wonders amidst the walking. Orchard is jst another Bkt Bintang, where you will always look and never buy, unlike Bugis where you will actually buy. Perhaps the sole redemption at Orchard is the ice cream waffle. And OMG McDammit WHY IS DERE NO GREEN TEA MCFLURRY IN MSIA... craving for macha, dammit.

This is good shyts, i tell you

K, not green tea, but you noe wat i mean.

The national library was superlative. Ken Yeang doing wat he does. Even the elevators work at the super speed. And almost a whole floor on archi books.? 2hrs mana cukup.. Abit the stupid tho, cannot take any pics within it's premises.

Within the heart of the city, it looks as if you are in KL. Waistdown, the streets look the same, ppl wit the same jenis muka. But as you view the skyscrapers, you dont feel KL. There seem to be more character in their buildings, more uumph, even if it's takes the form of the modern box.

One wud think studying there would be favoured, with the amazing resource, advanced arkitekchooral development seen at the U.R.A. (Urban Redevelopment Authority), but even with the temptation of a full scholarship, the urge of going just isn't there. No offence, but i really cannot picture myself doing A-levels, s'pore or not, british or not. The academics of science and maths will kill me. No more flexibility, no more TGIF's, no more waking-up-late-abit-on-tues-and-thurs, it's lik taking a step backwards. Bloody hv to wear uniform k. Not to mention the time wasted, almost 3 years, if i were to take the S'pore 'Causeway'. With regards, too bad for the farder and marder, the endorsment continues.

Looks like I wont be conquering S'pore after all..

but nothing ever happens..
20080916 - 19:57

"We are pleased to inform you that you have been awarded the 2009 ASEAN Scholarship - Pre-University Level."

How now, brown cow.

..and i wonder.
- 19:33


How long is a swatch minute.. to you.? Swatch ad's are cool. Youtube em.


Waddaweek. God bless S'pore. Wait, it's still not done.? No ping pong, bring on da Glass House.

And you still have not watched GG season 2.? What a disgrace, you so called fan.

I love my course.. i love my course.. i love my course..