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if only in my dreams.
20081031 - 00:11
See, to them, you're just a freak..

Like me.

Happy Halloween, ppl.

*joker laugh*

what you see is what you get.
20081025 - 00:05
We're not emo, just fond of dramatizing stuffs.

fine fine, dere's nothing wrong with the pic, hoho..

when soul meets bodyyy..
20081024 - 23:34

Kay, so it didn't make the Gallery.

But who am i to complain. No, I will not even bother voicing out. I was shitting bricks when it came to the judgement, let alone setting the standard by adding another two. I admit, I owe so much to the affiliates for this. Most credit must be given to them, if not all.

It's not like no effort was put into it. Maybe it's just the lack of consciousness. I do that sometimes, see. And perhaps most of you do, too. At times, i know i can do it. I know it's within my niche. Overlook the topic, if it's an assignment to my suiting, i am sure to flatter. Yet to the contrary, i slumber. I know i must exert; produce, but i subconsciously give less. It's not procrastination. I want to give all, but i give less, for no particular reason whatsoever. Even when it matters the most. Perhaps it's human nature, perhaps it's kijunistic. I hope it's the latter cos it sounds so much cooler.

But yea, it comes and goes. I bend. But i dont break. You tend to comprehend this things when it hits you the most. You stop experimenting, you stop searching for excuses. You stop whining. And i hope the turn of the curve is now, for me. Even if it's a chain reaction, i could care less. I know i can achieve. Yes, we all have our strengths and weaknesses, but if we want it bad enough, we'll attain. Maybe longer than the majority, not to mention even more arduous, but who's counting rite. Ignore external stimuli. Who are they to judge, who are we to care. As long as we achieve. We accomplish. Then, we will be.

I don't care. I want my spot in the Gallery. Our spot it will be.

is there anybody going to listen to my story
20081018 - 00:44

Time is passing by so fast. It's impossible to concur that one season is passing by just like that..

xoxo, fe.

It seems as tho the pilot just premiered not too long ago. Has 10months passed since the story was pitched?

Hard to believe, considering how familiar we are with the cast already..

Did any recurring stars manage to return? Their presence are definitely missed..

Has all the bad times been shrugged off?

What about the juicy scandals that entertained us through each episode?

Not to mention the dramatic exploits of our favourite characters..

Did we make it thru the rain?

Are they resolved, or remain vague in terms of their outcome? If they are, are we satisfied with the resolution?

Nevertheless, there is always the comic relief that has kept this series alive.

The wittiness in the script is unparalleled.

Performances more than worthy of awards..

Still, we anticipate the final run, the lead up to the finale.

Sigh, this season's cliffhanger is building up to be one that is even too much for me to handle.

Everything is possible, if we try.

here's to the night.
20081004 - 00:16

Still frames in my mind.

4 wishes for me. hoho..

..laugh sammo.

Many thanks to all. Rest assured, i din give the wings to my cousin.

A room fit for a princess.