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20081129 - 16:22

So I've been contemplating catching the new 90210 spin-off for awhile, ever since it's conception. Toiled for weeks n got the news that Starworld was gonna be screening it, to my surprise. Up to date, sial. 4 weeks in, n well, i'm not exaaactly hooked.

Plot stays true to the original series, though very archetypical. So mainstream it's painful sometimes. New kids on the block, fitting in to super atas lifestyle, the formula has proven to work over n over. It may be ingenious and captivating 10 years ago, but we have been accustomed to scenarios as such that has been synonym to primetime drama all our lives growing up. Storylines fixating sex, drugs, and gossip just isn't as alluring as it is before.

Yes, Gossip Girl has paraded the idea superfluously. But that's just it. It's so over the top, extravagant, it works. It attracts. It's dramatic. Madness, but we like. 90210 simply doesnt offer that spark of ingenuity. The only thing that probably launched the series was probably the infamous zip code to reboot the franchise. Save on promo n marketing.

Features young and semi-believable actors in terms of age compatibility. But they cant act for nuts, i tell you.! Im sorry, but even by teen drama standards, they fail miserably. Lead actress played by Shenae Grimes, portrays the character so forgettably i cant even remember her name as of now. All i can think of is that think she always does with her hand, acting all innocent and girl next door-ish. So yuck. The role was first offered to Hillary Duff, which she declined. Smart girl.

gasp, hot guy, *act innocent*..

Her adoptive brother Dixon is portrayed by Tristan Wilds. The word adoptive is evidence enough to depict him as out of placed, even self-pityful to a certain extent. The fact that he's African-American probably gives another reason for the writers to render the cultural shock plot exclusively in the character's case.

may i take your order, ladies.

The jock is Ethan, played by Dustin Milligan. Oh and did i mention that lacrosse is the sport of worthy in this series, unlike American football or basketball that has been oh so typical. I find it so funny, considering how macho they try to be in the 'action' scenes, haha.

lacrosse is cool.! wtf.

Naomi is supposedly the girl we love to hate. Sadly, i just hate her. Annoying aesthetically and temperamently. Cannot tahan how her nostrils always flares up, something that i find quite funny at the same time. Haha, so bad.

maggi mee curls, puke.

Ah, my fav part of the series. Silver. Nuff said. Haha. She rocks la. In everyway. Character is appealing. Not contemporarily, but you get what i mean. Supposedly the quirky and peculiar, I find her the character anyone can relate to the most. Cmon la, the rest are so fake n plastic. As if working in a coffee shop for a week can settle damages inflicted on a car.

yup, she was on prom night.

k, im hooked. lol.

The other characters are just plain forgettable. When all's said n done, the only thing keeping the show alive is the return of characters from the original alumni. Tho the frequent visit of unfamiliar faces to some can be abit annoying as they may be like, totally clueless on what's happening n all dat. So potong. And it's pretty obvious that Ethan and Annie (yes, finally rmb her name) will end up together. Then break up. Den make up. And break up. And make up. And......

we'll end up together come the end of the series, you'll see.!

4 episodes cant tell much, but it definitely shows more than enough. Sigh, and to think that I used to religiously follow shows as such, dying for more. Perhaps i'm getting too old for this. Meh, what a difference college and high school can make..

20081120 - 16:37
A new Street Fighter movie.? ooh, the campyness. This ain't a sequel to the earlier installment of the video game franchise tho, the one with Van Damme & Kylie Minogue. Which i enjoyed as any four year old boy would. This is more of a prequel. An origin. For Chun-Li. wtf.

Ahhhh.. But this has caught my attention even before it's released. Kristin kreuk. Nuff said. haha. So what if she's not asian or chinese enough, any form of ass kickin cannot match eyes like that.

drops dead.

Other cast members include Neal McDonough (dude from Criminal Minds) as M. Bison, Michael Clarke Duncan (retarded dude from Green Mile) as Balrog, Chris Klein (loser dude from American Pie) as Charlie Nash, and hello, hello, Taboo (dude from Black Eyed Peas) as Vega. Given the fact that the character doesnt seem to have the ability to utter a single syllable for reasons i do not know, not much acting experience is needed here.

Psycho Power yo..

Mike Tyson wannabe.

People killin, people dyin~.. rofl, wtf.

Shouldnt he be blonde.?

What? No Ryu? No Ken? Not even Guile? Thankgod btw, never liked the character. Even the plot sounds rather boring, Chun-Li's quest for justice, puhlease. But then again, Street Fighter has always been about the walk, not the talk. Question is, does Kristin have the legs to pull off Chun-Li's signature moves.

Hyakuretsukyaku.! Check yes, and yes.

in your eyes.
20081116 - 22:35

Fact or fiction: The use of timber in architecture or rather construction helps in preserving the environment.

It's renewable, easy to handle. Conveys a natural texture unlike any other material. Has an inherent cooling effect, allowing the building to 'breathe', be ridding of CFC releasing mechanisms. But doesnt the endorsed use of timber equate to excessive logging? The higher the demand, the higher the rate of exploitation on this natural resource of ours. Like fuel, noe. Is it truly sustainable? Would the rate of harvest keep up with the demand?

Rimbun Dahan, Kuang (i have no idea how to get there). This place radiates natural conservation. The whole purpose is to promote all things green, indigenous and cultural conservation. With that in mind, architecture is allowed to blossom here, both sustainable and landscape, housing the noble deeds of the Hijjas family. Sounds like orang asli rite.? Mana tau angmo. And yes, she sounds more Msian than I am. Bunga raya from China.?? Gasps, it's a conspiracy i tell you.! Cetak rompak man, even our flower is unpatriotic.

Upon entering, you find urself in the middle of the forest. Not jungle. Forest sounds friendlier, haha. One would be dwarfed by the overwhelming height of the trees. Perhaps reminding you of the importance and significance of green, in line with the site's principles. Totally fine with me, as it filters massive amount of sunlight. One thing unavoidable tho, mosquitoes. Just like the urge to scratch. Lalala.

I like the idea. I dont like the execution. The house doesnt rly stand out, I cant even distinguish it from the guest house. Like the idea of open space, where the first, ground, and lower ground floor are visually connected. Dont like the execution where the ceiling takes the shape of the roof and threatens the space of the living room. Oh dont get me started on the roof, human scale totally off. But then again, perhaps it was a notion of preventing rain from entering the building, especially the lower ground floor.

Besides main house + guest house, the complex boasts a traditional Malay house, artist studios, and a garden (more of a forest reserve). Implements the inward-looking focus of space, where the buildings are orientated and connected to a central space. Sounds familiar, noe.? This one goes one step further, where it establishes the intended concept not only on plan, but vertically as well. Underground art gallery yo.

Features a central atrium, for lighting purposes. Indirectly baths the gallery with natural light, expressing a connection between the "upside" with the "downside". And the effect comes out rather nicely as well. Used to accomodate a spiral staircase, connecting the gallery directly to the central space. But didnt look nice, so abolish. I agree.

Even the exhibition is a green one, protraying art with nature as it's theme. Art for nature indeed. So yes, ppl. Think green. If we dont, who will. Oh and did i mention, b*tch and p*rnstar from the New New York Art Museum were among the art pieces displayed at the site. It's as if we sculpted the future.



Haha, bring on Usutu, I'm ready to begin my spirit walk.

all your sex and your diamonds.
20081112 - 00:19

The public toilet marks my 4th venture in model-making.

Wtf.? Yes, we hv design ze toilets. Absurd, but comprehendible. Anthro + ergo, people tend to disregard these things. Include myself in that bracket. I dont choose to ignore it, but we simply dont. Who gives a shyt when you piss or poop. When you hv to go, you hv to go. Ah, but that's when I'm wrong. And so are you.

And i suppose model-making forces you to deal with this things. To take issues of negligence to matter. Like who would consider the pipings and fusebox in designing a model rite. In this case, how big should da potty be.? Railings for the handicapped.? Waddabout the washbasin for kids.? We obviously flawed a tad bit dere, but they'll grow.

Did i mention how excruciatingly rewarding the task at hand can be. I mean really, you stay stationary at the same spot, you slog your way. The experience is agonizing yet when the visual of your labour materializes you jump for joy. Your body remains motionless, but ur fingers work, they dance. Like a poet enscribing a poem, an artist crafting a sculpture. Oh ftw, I am an artist. haha.

Moreover, the joy of make-believe. A site.? New York, lah. Why.? Got Friends building ma, Monica and Chandler's apartment there. Why apartment.? Readapt it then, readaptive-use produce wonders. Art museum, artsy fartsy abit. The New New York Art Museum it is.

And what good is an art gallery without it's art pieces. It's not vulgar or profane, just provocative. InDeep5h*t ma.

Oh and im oh so proud of the potty. Pretty potty. And the toilet roll. It's usable, mind you. And the push-for-flush. No.1 and no.2, does both ur biznesses at the same time. Dainty shyts, who knew the human fingers could comply with such work.

The concept has been used, the old versus the new. Think KLPac, or even Heeren of some sorts. Develop on the approach, we get a totally different tone altogether. Old container sheets, reused, restored in a manner in which respects it's original condition. Employ mod vent ducts, semi-translucent, the feeling of the contemporaneous. Complemented with wire mesh patterns + glass screenings, one can truly appreciate both the conflict and convergence intended to be perceived.

No doubt, this modular masterpiece is a product of consorted labour. Which makes it all the more sweeter. Never expected an elective subject to be so taxing, IBS is conquered. Take that, Visual Comm ppl.

Haha, fine. I plead guilty. Obviously not my work. Failed miserably in my attempt.