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i need this, old train to break down.
20081229 - 00:36

"ABC has canceled Pushing Daisies, executive producer Bryan Fuller has confirmed exclusively. Eli Stone and Dirty Sexy Money have also been confirmed to be canceled. According to Fuller, the facts are these: "It's very likely that Pushing Daisies will end after episode 13, which as you know, is a cliffhanger. But we are talking to DC Comics about doing comic books that will wrap up our storylines, and I already have a pitch for a [big-screen] movie ready to go."

- E!

First season life, second season death. In all it's hypercoloured palette of glory, kenapaaa........

that being known, let me know.
20081219 - 22:14
I choose to ignore. Rather, I choose to disregard based on reasoning with myself and myself alone. I choose to seek for contentment. It is not a matter of ignorance explicitly, no, I'm not that naive. To myself, at least. For we always have a choice in being, and being that choice of being simply means acknowledging being with reason. Others will strive to interject, more often than not provoking qualm and remorse, intent fully seeking to do so for their personal and platonic gratification. More importantly, they choose to do so.

But we consequently have a choice in hand, or rather in mind. Why subject to grief or distress? Simply because we should? For the only reason we should be or do something speaks of how we allow ourselves to be interjected. We have the choice to decide whether we should or should not. Choose to rejoice, choose to lament. Choose to conflict ourselves under the worst of circumstances, or choose to take it frivolously, and with that interjecting contentment within ourselves. Our choice. My choice. Me, me, me, yada yada.

Assume the consciousness. For it is all a state of mind.

screaming no, no, no, no no.
20081216 - 15:41
You begin something with a promise similar to an aspiration. A common faith bonded with mutual intentions, exploring the pertinent as well as unbecoming possibilities together with conviction. Hope. Of something that remains ambiguous. The present becomes hope for the future, and the future progressively becomes the hope.

Yet unexpectedly, a presence from the past comes into the present. An intimacy that is the bygone now returns from the departed. It is that tinge of familiarity; that lingering trace of a forgotten touch, an everlasting assurance and comfort glistening deep within the darkest of eyes. Such honesty embedded within every sentence from the sober to the cynical, uttered by a voice that captures your every attention. So complete and idyllic, it makes all the worth in the world than to be having without.

The enigma then becomes a choice. The possibility, or the propinquity. Both overlapping, as nothing is for certain. Questions then impede: faith, fidelity, and even sanity. But more importantly, is the answer that is retorted. An answer that heralds the perpetual and the explicit. One that needs no further explanation. One that gives authority for a simplistic "you make me better, you make me be good". Quite simplistically.

..ridiculous. wtf. Why wont you die la. I believe he's already featured on the show more times dead than alive.

use somebody.
20081212 - 23:21

Literal lavatory. This screams IBS, haha. A potty fit for a giant.

Dude, aim properly.

"The steel, white concrete and glass house, with a symbolic opening in the roof, will be ready to receive visitors next month, said the World Toilet Association in a statement. Among its many amenities, the house features four deluxe toilets, said the group, started in South Korea and dedicated to providing clean sanitation to the more than 2 billion people who live without toilets."

First of all, hahhahahahhahahahhaa. I had no idea that there's such an association. The group is supposedly dedicated to providing clean sanitation to the more than 2 billion people who live without toilets. To think that there are that many people living without toilets, and that the facility is located in South Korea. Perhaps a wrong perspective in the context of the statement, but that's not stopping me from poking fun at this potty-shaped home without the lid.

The house is named Haewoojae, which signifies in Korean "a place of sanctuary where one can solve one's worries". Indeed, if only solving one's worries are as easy as taking a piss..

we take time when it's up, but give up when it's down.
20081211 - 01:59

Damn good.

Me.? too old.? for drama.? NEVERR.......

Fleeting glitters of December, reminiscing promises of Never-never.