kijun | of drama, shades and edifices
a movie script ending.
20090121 - 22:59
Performing arts.

All a matter of the sensation,

not the physical.

The performers are the props,

the libretto is the craft.

The reverence it spawns..

..all the world's a stage.

Sound is only a channel,

vision is merely a medium.

Regardless to the nature of the piece,

it's comedy,

and all it's idiosyncrasy,

it is the bravura impression beyond the consciousness that stimulates the senses.

No way is this plastic art.

It is fine art at it's finest.

"This installation explores the idea of points in creating surfaces. Ping pong balls are used to create a visual impact of a surface which appears to 'peel' away from the landscape. It reflects the visual aspect of performing arts which is dynamic, fluid and non-static. The installation also explores the idea of generating different senses through visual stimulation, or more precisely, capturing the "sound of wind" in motion. As the balls vibrate in the wind, it tells of something intangible, like air, being captured within the motion of the balls.."

And the recognition it bestows.

Good job, lah.

...yet one still yearns to be recognized in the Gallery. Blardy hell. It's not a matter of pride. It's the desire to make a statement.

in silence, we rise and we fall.
20090115 - 23:27

"The paucity of knowledge about ancient architects, combined with the limitations of the surviving literary sources, make the monuments themselves the primary source for understanding Roman architectural design. This brings into prominence the problem of how they should be interpreted, for the mute stones speak in different tongues to different people. After much soul-searching, art historical discourse is now acutely aware of its subjective nature, and the extent to which it mirrors both personal conviction and the prevailing intellectual climate.."

..aaand I am still not inspired. The improbability of agendas further conforms a less than certain Roman-ce, yet to blossom with volutes and fillets. As much as the decision of taking the subject is resolved, the impossible arrangement of classes and timetable will continue to conflict my architectural discourse. One still ponders whether the nervy pronouncement will turn to be an honourable declaration, what with the tormenting 0800-1700 count on mournday and wrecknessday. Not to mention readapting to the mundane and morbid gruelling of lethargically being idle in a classroom for as long as those very hours, the spark of hope that each of the lectures be stimulating remains pale. At least one still possesses his TGIF's, and a screw-you-farewell to the LAN's.

As for Studio, the pre-exhilaration prior to the week in mention still burns intensely. So the ice melting session was uncalled for, what more when seasoned with a pinch of intimidation by compelling 10% worth of appraisal to tally your participation. Still, exerting manual labour proves to be a well needed push from/kick in the back, although the notion of clobbering sticks and suspending balls does not belong to us. Bus jaunts out of college always churn out the moments of moments for us, accompanied with junk foods and sunglasses alike.

Credits, fe. Attend KLPac's Open Day, people of the world.

Top it off with the equanimity of Sentul West, the humble yet satisfactory first week of sem 3.0 leaves my skin as pink as my umbrella. Let's just hope that hard times pass by as fast as time is currently passing and good times stay as long as we'd wish time would pass. For now, I shall simply suffer well..

earth angel, earth angel. will you be mine.?
20090107 - 22:33
Screw the terracottas, green is the manner to cover. Insulates and cools, turf made roofs screams less emmissions and shyts for conservation and eco-friendliness. Absorb see-oh-two, release oh-two. Hot air rises, cold air drops. You get the science drift. What more when rain and sunlight will naturally nurse and conserve the roof to work in it's complete effect. A garden rooftop wouldn't harm anyone, if well executed. Think green, think green, architecture must sustain. Floating is optional.

"Schwimmhausboot, in Oldenberg, Germany. At 14 meters long, 4 meters high and 3 meters wide, it will have a spacious living room with kitchenette and a bathroom on the lower level, a sleeping loft and a 'veranda'. What's special about this 'hausboot' is it's eco-friendliness: zero-emissions, a green roof, and materials such as 250 year old larch wood salvaged from an old farmer's shed."

- Materialicious

And to be fooled by the images shown, simply models of the hausboot. Be inspired kijun, be very inspired. Time, amongst others knows you need to be.

trouble is a friend but trouble is a foe.
20090101 - 23:23
Life as one would know has no shortcuts. Least the fact that 08 has come and gone to contradict, we go through each day living amongst the moments, the jiffies and the eternal. It's uncertainties and commitments. One revels in the safety and assurance that expectations rewards us with, bounded with bliss like a ribbon fastening a present box. One however, often flees faster than a fugitive in facing the worst of the evasive. Oh, the insecurity. That self anguish that simply must be felt. There is no alternative, as even if there is, it would be much worse, and downright wrong. So one breathes em all in. Making one human. Special, vulnerable, and intrinsically beautiful. All more than worthy of living the pain of life. The hope that comes with the pain. That reassurance of an assurance. Somewhere between the agony, optimism and prayer.. we're alive. And that is what we are.

Life is 2009. One says yes to 2009. Bring the drama.