kijun | of drama, shades and edifices
the things that could make us cold.
20090217 - 00:09
An angel. But in the dark.

We speak of a setting, a backdrop. A venue to a tragedy. The murder of a cherub. The obliteration of a life's hopes and joy. Merciless, uncompromising with absolutely no humane form of judgement. It is the anguish and sorrow suffered by the parents that is scripted to drive the story. The nature of tragedies, i like, i like the drama.

We speak of the ambiguity and duality of the accused. The unassuming appearance, the malevolent unpredictability of his personality and nature. Why.? Absolutely senseless, to reason for reasons he is. A multifarious identity, translated to a character belonging to the shadows. The sillhouette effects brings forth the entity of the cause, surreal in the eyes of the parents. A certain fear of facing the face of the mulifaceted, he torments and fragments the mind and mentality of the suffered. And for that, the fragmented notion.

We speak of the permanence and temporary, how the stage resides the scenes. Transcending the ephemeral, we wanted a predetermined set, some sort irrevocable. Paralleling the imagery of the parents puzzled thoughts and mind, the fragmentation of forms speaks volumes to creating the proper setting for each scene. Abstract in nature, there will be no need for accurate depictions; no car, no bench as the script prescribes. Spectators are immersed to the libretto and motion of the performers, the intangibility of performing art. Indeed, it is the matter of the sensation.

We speak of reality against the memory. The virtual recollections of affairs and feelings piercing through each fragment of event, a corporeal presence is needed to counter the insubstantiality of the fragments. A tree. Honest and organic, its existence facets a locale for the parents in their narration along with the scrupulous delineation of reality against memory.

We speak of the speaking of the nonspeaking. In order to depict a sense of loss, a stature was first neccessary to portray the deceased, only then can it be truly lost in the eyes of the viewers. A figure of hope and pure innocence, the limbs of the figure are binded by a long cord of red. The spirit and soul, it's life as a whole, corresponding to the sheer crimson attachment, only to be vividly snapped by the fangs of the murderer.

Significantly, we should speak of the weariness the massacre has inflicted on the parents. How helpless they are in understanding and bringing justice against such a pittiless petty. No motive or purpose to dispute and persuade, an insolvable jigsaw puzzle that can only be left unresolved. It is a story of redemption, a salvation. The sheer anarchy of the twofolded Karl.

Oh, the creeeps.


gasp, the duality.!

hahahaha, wtf damn cute. Karl unleashed.

Jeng jeng jeng, sneaky sneaky.

HAhahhaa, omg can diee....

the broken clock is a comfort.
20090211 - 00:03

Please be kind to me.

just run with me through rows of speeding cars.
20090208 - 00:49
For archeeteks only.

• Open to all SABD and Design School students.
• Registration Fee is RM2, to raise fund for SABD Dinner.
• Registration should be done before 16th Feb 2009.
• Theme: Upon students' creativity. Must identify with SABD and Design school.
• Design has to include Name/Student ID/Contact No. and incorporate Taylor's logo (No limitation of sizes).
• Design has to be within the area of 30 cm x 20 cm, in only 3 colors, and in 300dpi resolution.
• Contestants are allowed to submit as many designs as they like upon registering.
• There are 2 methods of designing: (i) Photoshop (ii) Sketching (A4 paper)
• Photoshop Designs will be submitted online to (e-mail address will be confirmed soon) by 27th Feb 2009.
• Sketch Designs will be submitted into the submission box located at Program Office on 27th Feb 2009.

1st Prize:
• Free Participation in PAM/ID CAMP 2009

• Cash Prize of RM150

• Design will be mass-printed and sold

• Vouchers

• STEPS Book '08

• Featured in SABD Blog

2nd Prize:

• Cash Prize of RM100

• Vouchers

• STEPS Book '08

• Featured in SABD Blog

3rd Prize:

• Cash Prize of RM50

• Vouchers

• STEPS Book '08

• Featured in SABD Blog

Consolation Prizes (x3): Vouchers

Further details on registration and contact person(s) at sabd. Do stalk. Prizes are superfluously magnanimous. And go mad with the designs, fellow chums. It's free publicity and respect. Recognition and acknowledgments, see to make a statement. What have you to lose.

i see my tears that you cry.
20090202 - 22:57

Februum. When all sorts of inquisitiveness pushes you further to the creeping approach of curiosity, and the brimming husk of assurance can no longer hold forth the impeding desire to plunge. To leap, diving into the deep blue deep with the inevitable splash of reprieve. The tranquil texture of the facade couldn't fool me, I see through the ripples and undulations. God's vivid illumination against the azure simply taunts me further, a mere dip of a finger will not do. I want to immerse, so badly.

A dampness so complete, a vision blurred by eddies with the droning background tint of the arcane. It is another realm of it's own, spectacularly mirroring it's exact outlook from the inside. Though, I am not overwhelmed as perceived. Little by little, I lose the sense of sense. To an extent where I become almost completely numb and blunt. I wanted to be, but I don't know whether I want to be now. My existence still counts for something, even against the coldest of entities. As insignificant as I may be, my reflection still beholds me to resurface with every fizz from my bitter body. And when I do, I can only be drenched with clarity and opportunities. I will hold true to my name and float against the current. I will breathe. Februum. The birth and death of me.

And i'm feeling very Dr. Suresh. Meh.