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twice as much ain't twice as good.
20090828 - 00:23



Lol. Yang you damn paparazzi. Hope you don mind me posting em pics.

I hate the jungle. Never did like em. It's as if the idea of it all defines the absolute antonym of me. The dirt, the green, the torrid sun, the mozzies, the creepy crawlies. All in which causes itchyness, sweatyness, smellyness, tiredness, grumpyness, n a whole lotta swearing. Such a dense climate of wilderness, uncertainties and simply uncultivated situations which would mean remorse for a city kid like me, contradictively shallow and dense all at the same time. How can I possibly survive the ordeal of being there for 2 nights. I hated the jungle. Cos well, I've never actually been in the jungle. Then the trip came along.

I adore the jungle.! Has been liking em since two weeks ago. It's as if the idea of it all defines the absolute synonym of me. The chilly green, which sheds the torrid sun, the non-existent mozzies, the creepy yet captivating crawlies. All in which causes carefree-ness, breezyness, excitedness, eagerness, adventureness, n still a whole lotta swearing. Such a dense climate of wilderness, uncertainties and simply uncultivated situations which would mean delight for a spontaneous kid like me, contradictively deep and lucid all at the same time.

One might loathe since there is absolutely no cellphone line (tho there's astro, the power of the satellite) in the area, but it was rather a relief being disconnected. No need to put concern about received messages or missed calls, checking the inbox for mails or facebook for new quizzes, not even how much money is left in your wallet. It's been awhile since I was able to stride without the baggage of keys, phone, and wallet strapping my thighs, or even the harmless periodic touching of my sides to check whether I dropped or misplaced any of the said baggage.

spotted a sasquatch there.

In all theatricity, thankgawddd there wasn't much mosquitoes, if not any. I barely had one or two pink spots hideously appearing on my arms or legs, which was a pleasant surprise (possibly due to the fogging). It was as if the sheer exoticness of the creepy crawlies there owned the abysmal existence of the mozzies. Picture an ant outsizing my thumb, beat that maddening mozzies. And the iciness of the chilliness of the mother of all cold showers. Utterly sadistic masochistic.

And so we hiked, and so we rode, and so on and so forth. The trip was a good surprise lah, rather enlightening for me. I suppose it's the experience you get and the wisdom you claim you earned from the whole ordeal. It's not like it made me go live in a cave and only survive on wildberries and tembeling river's water, simply a matter of understanding and living through the circumstances of which is said and done.

View from the peak.

Lol, excuse my humour.

As for the eggcordion, it was sadly rather disappointing. It's not like the design sarkedcork, for jerking out loud the damned thing was an eggrection. No way am I to conclude that there was no effort put into it, seems as though I just can't seem to find the words to explain it. Would be rather blatant of me if I were to say it simply didn't work, that would unreservedly be unjustified. Maybe I'm just too fixated to find something to blame. Or maybe I should be looking for a reason rather than something to blame.


by a freakin hairline.

I should prolly just giftwrap the damned shyt (which I did) with a screwyou ribbon to the dusty lands of 'let it go & leave it behind'. Whole project was rather inept and redundant as well, donchyallthink. I still don't know what we're intended to learn from it, though I won't go to the extent of declaring that I've learned absolutely nothing from it. Sigh, I know it's too soon to say this too, but I kinda prefer studioone.

Step up, kijun. Like a man.

free fallin', fallin'
20090814 - 15:36

It is all a matter of protection. To instill the idea of a sanctuary, a haven. We all find solace in places as such that have been nurtured with much thought, care and love. Peculiar isn't it, how we only expose and unveil our uncertainties in moments and individuals which are of the complete opposite; of trust and certainty. We thoughtlessly become the epitome of insecurities, in the confidence and security of our safekeeping.

Our idea of a sanctuary, a haven. It is only then that we have the belief that we will survive, that we will endure. That we can overcome the outcome of our comings. That we can assume the fracture and fragments of our fall. Only then can we let go.

As we embrace the fall. Eggspect the uneggspected.

nothing works like you.
20090802 - 21:57
Dang it. Missed the show. Pun intended. But I needed the timeout and actually spend time home. Need more timeon though for physical activity, much much more. Feels and felt as if I was preoccupied with lots during the week, but when I look back and front it didn't seem thaat much. We has the torture chamber so that's that, for now. Week one wasn't that bad. Workload isn't that much. Why else do I feel like there's so much that I've done and that's left to be done.? Maybe it's just me.

Lol, I can play as good as the guitarist.