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can you meet me halfway.
20090928 - 16:14

So this is Fergie.

Tho I didn't have the luxury of owning nor smuggling in a camera of a higher resolution, nor was I the lucky few who gets to be groped by lady and manly humps a.k.a the best seat in the house, I was considerably near the stage and managed to get quite a view from the concert (no doubt, I still had no personal space). The energy was high and it never did die throughout the night, just prolonged dip in the degree of AWESOMENESS thanks to the unnecessary and uncomprehensible rapping. Albeit the insignificant rhymes, the wait was well worth it from the get go. was killer dropping the beat and spinning the tracks (wooohooo.! song no.2, for you), apl was working the stage, Taboo working himself up. Fergie however sounded more nasal than ever, serious case of high pitch. She scored a perfect 10 on the high notes, but fell flat during the rest of the songs, char kwey teowed. No doubt, it was one hellauvagoodgoodnite.
I depart to tokyo in a matter of hours, in a more than desperate attempt to get away from all the things that tie me down here. Sayonara responsibility, tasks, and duties. I'll definitely be thanking you much, Mr. Roboto. It's gonna be legend-... wait for it... and I hope you're not lactose intolerant because the second half of that word is DAIRY!

Haha, and it took me this long to finally catch Barney in action. Excuse the AWESOME humour.!

i got troubled thoughts and the self-esteem to match.
20090922 - 17:48

Though not a fool, one becomes too often a subject of ridicule. In obliging to conformity and conventionality, we effortlessly tend to pass judgements harshly and hastily. Call it intuition or simply human nature, we habitually become objects of spite through our sight and like. Rather repulsive, neither is it attractive, but it is inexplicably inherent in all of us. One can so easily become supple and yeilding, compliant and completely willing. What wouldn't one do to simply please and be well-liked.?

Ergo, said of may change their hue with ease, at will, another one of the many that can so easily be bribed by the pressure of the majority. Revolting how one's tongue can curl and twist, and spit words of deception without a risk, another cruel excuse and disguise for a semblance of a bitch.

If only you take a minute. Sit patiently still. If only you mellow and wait, mimic the foliage mimic the wind. If only you stop seeing what you want to see, but see what is there to see.

A box with a twist. Mirroring the mirror effect. The absolute chamwhore experience. I could go on and on with the puns but I shall save you the bother. This here is simply one of the various consignments which has confined me to some solid work of labour for quite a stretch. Point of worthy, I Maxed this myself, with pieces of pointers here and there. The laptop has not died, which is astounding, yet I still can't quite comprehend to why my 3dsfile is worth 100mb (I have not applied materials, unlike some people).

Farewells are aplenty this month, their company are and has always been sorely missed. Fatigue has taken a toll on me and I continue to indolently mellow and brood as if everyday's a monday. On that note, I cannot stress on the fantastic timing that is of the raya break to me, even as it may only be a sole week. I gotta feeeling the tone of things are gonna be much more frenetic in the days to come, woot.

i can feel this narcolepsy slide into another nightmare.
20090908 - 23:12
The inconceivable has been conceived.

"The Walt Disney empire is to buy the superheroes stable Marvel Entertainment for $4bn (£2.5bn) in a star-studded Hollywood deal that unites family names such as Mickey Mouse with lucrative characters including Spider-Man, the Incredible Hulk and the X-Men. Disney hopes to put Marvel's 5,000 characters to work on its television channels and in video games, theme parks and movies. The agreed takeover is for a mixture of cash and stock, with Disney shares accounting for roughly 40% of the buyout price."

Oh, but it doesn't end there.

"Megan Fox has signed up to play Catwoman in the next 'Batman' movie. The "Transformers" star is set to follow in the footsteps of Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry in donning the skintight catsuit."

Ledgar was doubted, but exceeded expectations. To say that Fox is a doubtful choice would simply be an understatement, rumour or not. In Nolan, I trust, but seriously, yougottabekiddingme.