kijun | of drama, shades and edifices
forget about your house of cards.
20091129 - 22:57

The intention was clear from start. We knew that everyone wanted to impress, to have the wow factor. But I didn't want to animate in technicality, or perhaps was to noob to do so. Everyone seem to had an idea of flying walls, everyone wanted to do floating slabs, but if you don't offer more than what's already been offered, what's the point in having the same approach as everyone else. So I did it somewhat different. I searched to put more feel, I searched to stylize. The purpose of the aimation was to sell, and to sell we needed to add flavour. Sort of a trailer, so to speak. So you sorta learn a little from opening sequences, trailers, closing scenes from movies, to have a more cinematic approach but still clinging to the architectural context of the presentation. Little details like a ticking clock and a turning fan may be minor in thought but adds so much more depth to the visual. And of course, a killer soundtrack to heighten the senses. The Smashing Pumpkins at their very best.

my paper heart will bleed.
20091107 - 20:05

FARKKKKKKKKKK. Everything has been done beforee.

"First and third-year students from Tom Emerson (of practice 6a) and Max Beckenbauer’s Studio 2 from the Department of Architecture at The University of Cambridge designed this cardboard structure for a banquet on the 23 October to celebrate the new term"

- ARPlus

Cambridge, I am impressed.

Life's a big joke.