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20080610 - 00:51
Recently stumbled upon this video on

Only to find out that it's been released for like a month already.

(I can't stop laughing at what Tony Fernandes was doing, haha)

Noticed it's significance, and I applaud it's effort. The fact that it ran on an RmO.00 budget reflects that our local artistes aren't just all show and buzz. Rather nursery rhyme-ish tune it has, with lyrics that don't exactly rhyme, but nonetheless a solid charity-ish song akin to "Do They Know It's Christmas" by Band Aid, and "What's Going On?" by the Artists Against AIDS Worldwide.

Couldn't really tell where the unity is cultivated, unless celebrities doing funny poses with each other are classified as "unifying". Is the message effectively conveyed in this? I guess it does succeed in getting noticed, especially among our younger and more fragile-ish generation. Heck, it is a music video n I did notice it on

oh and rather coincidently, i freakin saw freakin daniel lee in my freakin condo.! wtf.!